Say it straight, then say it great!

The advertising concept is basically the framework in which a campaign is delivered. These are the marketing ideas, creatively articulated to demonstrate the message that your company, brand or organization wants to convey.
A concept is NOT:

Just a layout or design.
Random ideas that are not connected to the “bigger idea.”
Boring or expected, it should push the creative envelope.


To us a concept is:

An idea of something formed by combining all its characteristics or particulars.

We suppose in many ways concepting is similar to creating new life. Another way to say it is ideation or the creative process. At MINVES we define concepting as the development of the big idea. If you have a central thought, that One Thing you can say about the product, how do you say it and how do you show it? With years of experience we are able to come down to the core and determine the bridge between strategy and tactics, taking us from gathering facts and getting organized to creating words and visuals.


Get creative with us.

At MINVES we have a pool of professionals from different backgrounds that work on different concept options so you get a range of different ideas.

We like to present something wild, mild and in between  – giving you lots of marketing ideas to consider, with the goal of delivering campaigns and creative assets that impact your business, further your brand position and compel others to share your message.

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